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MTEC Racing Voltage Stbilizer / Gas Saver is the cheapest way to save gas and increase horsepower of your vehicles.

How Does This Work?
The vehicle's ECU is highly dependant on all sensors that provide data and signals to coordinate different parts in different places of your vehicle. The vehicle's ECU can analyze if the voltage flow on your vehicle is accurate. What this MTEC voltage stabilizer does is to enhance the voltage and stabilize it, so all the components in your vehicle such as audio, lamps, sensors, and electronics work to their maximum potential. By stabilizing the voltage from the battery of your vehicle, the load of the battery is reduced, resulting in increasing engine performance.

Easy Installation
Simply connect red wire to battery positive terminal and black wire to battery negative terminal.
The unit is sealed. Humdity will not get inside the unit.

  • 6 Different Spec. of Capacitors with Total of 24 Pieces.
  • Increase Torque and Horsepower.
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency. Save 10%~25% More Gas..
  • Improve Engine Response. Quicker Engine Start. Better Throttle Response.
  • Stabilizes Idling as well as Increases Air Conditioning Efficiency.
  • Quick Engine Start by Improving Ignition System.
  • Less Engine Noise.
  • Optimize Electrical Equipment Performance to Extend the Lifetime of Car.
  • Build-in Electrical Noise Filter. Reduce Stereo's Interference and Improve the Brightness of Headlights.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 4.8 inch * 2.4 inch * 1.8 inch